Meet the Committee

The Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair Committee works very hard to plan this event.  Thank you to each member of volunteers.

Debbie Hamilton, Fair Director

Betsy Achuff

Karen Baker

Fran Bonfatto

Rhonda Beard

Cathy Brachbill

Debbie Cleeton

Kathy Crilly

Ellen Dyakiw

Barbara Eckley

Susan Hardy

Susan Hoover

Kathy London

Barbara Roberson

Dottie Sherry

Serena Sidwell

Steve Snook

Denise Snyder

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations that helped with the 2016 Bellefonte Arts & Crafts Fair.  The Fair Committee would like to specifically thank the Bellefonte Borough Staff for their assistance in all facets of the fair.